Losing Hope Makes One Depressed 

It’s just I thought – What if I demand 5 crores rupees next time if I’m selected for a TVC ? What if, I’m selected for a TVC with a celebrity who is being paid in crore, and I demand for the same budget?
One of my friend was recommended for a TVC to play a bear who is dancing with children. When the bear removes his dress, it is a celebrity actor. So, my friend was asked how much is his budget and he without thinking said – 50,000/- rupees for the one day shoot. The production man was shocked. Finally, after some negotiations my friend was replaced by another artist who was paid 20,000/- rupees but the shoot lasted 2 days.
Another artist later became a celebrity is folk singer and he was popular in his region only. A company later hired him for an album and he demanded 80,00,000/- rupees. He actually didn’t want to do the album for other people outside of his region so he said that much money but the producer agreed without any argument.
When I was in Jabalpur, I used to be paid 200/- rupees per day for local albums. In Mumbai, my first shoot I got was for Savdhan India, an episodic tv show. I got the shoot through auditions. Production was new so payment was too low. I did some other shoots in low budget.
I have waited long. I’m now done. Four years has been here to me. Though I admit I didn’t do struggle in such way other strugglers do for tv serials. I have been underestimating myself. I always agreed to work in low budget with hope to get more opportunities in future but always I was wrong. Here one opportunity is for one time only. I have no hope from this industry. No wonder if I behave crazy next time.

23:48 Tuesday 15th November 2016


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