Planned Or Unplanned : Causes & Effects 

​Yesterday whole day I was busy preparing a script with friends. Entire the day spent there in Discussion and talking about scenes etc. While in Discussion I received a msg on my Whatsapp for an audition in coming Sunday. The audition is for another play, with a well-known professional theatre group. While returning from friend’s place, I was thinking about to prepare a 5 minutes long solo piece for play’s audition as it was required ans clearly mentioned there in msg. As I came home in evening, I received a call from a friend for street play if I’m interested to do. I happily I agreed; of course. He told me that he would give me a confirmation call in night, and finally around 10 o’clock he said me to come at Yaari Road Versova this morning at 8am. I’m here in front of bus depo office of Versova waiting for them.
No planning works. It happens with me many time and maybe same things happens with others too. I plan to do certain things, according to the timing sequence, priority, availability and ability of me. But, at a time another unplanned emerges and becomes priority.

— here, again I see uncertainty. I do not believe what is my priority to this time, will be the same for next moment. Example : if my friends have thought me to add in their group for street play, they also can remove me anytime. And what would be my priority to do then?
Believers here see all circumstances planned by God, the imaginary one. It helps them to stay calm if something unpleasant happens with them, if something pleasant happens with them, they thank to God more than people who caused to happen that.
I’m an Atheist in way I don’t have any imaginary person who plans for me. All people, weather, hidden causes makes plan for me. Of course, I also participate in making plans sometimes knowingly sometimes unknowingly. In this way, I accept what comes to me. Everything is resulted by causes. If everything, all causes and their effects, energy-matter, everything combines together and people call it Tenri or other, that’s ok.
I’m still in front of Versova bus depo office, waiting for friends. I don’t know about the next second. I don’t know their script and my dialogues also. I don’t know how my performance will be there. I don’t know how I will manage with them. I was told to meet here at 8am, now is 08:53 am. 

08:54 am Thursday 17th November 2016


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