18th November 2016

​Yesterday I came here at Raigarh (Maharashtra) for promoting policies of a well known bank in villages through street plays. I’m here with my theatre friends, staying in a cheap lodge but I’m not going to complain for their facilities – after all we had options but not enough money to book rooms in other lodges. Yesterday we did 4 shows in Shardon and Sai village, today two shows in Shedung village.
Here in evening, I saw a group of people wearing white clothes are walking with Tulsi plants. They were adherents of Warkari Community. They don’t eat meat, don’t drink wine. One of their men told me that they are going to their shrine, I have forgot the name, and it will take seven days to reach there. All devotees from India walks to the shrine to participate in their special pooja. I didn’t ask much because the man was excited to tell us about their community.
Smoking, Drinking wine, Meat, Onion, Garlic ..some more stuffs are prohibited in most of religious organizations founded by social-religious reformers but rarely they talk about equal distribution of wealth, equal platform of education for all. Their goal is to keep people involved in rituals and thinking for ‘life after death.’ I wonder why don’t they teach people about sharing their wealth within their community equally! I would why don’t they ask their followers to get educated equally in same schools & colleges! They were successful to found their path and making followers but to bring about a good society, they all failed. Phule couple, Fatima ji, and these sorts of reformers were real reformers in my view.

19:57 Friday 18th November 2016


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