Taoism , Nationalism & Vegetarianism 

How did you come in contact of these Taoist people? You are an Atheist, as you say, and these Chinese people worship Laughing Buddha, many Bodhisattvas.. How do you manage to be with them?
Ok, here I see three questions I need to answer for. First – I started going to Lokhandwala Garden since 1st of March 2016, and I approached them on 2nd of March to request them to teach me Tai Chi. I also used to do Yuanji with them. Later after 9th of March, they asked me to stay vegetarian for three days. They invited me on 13rd of March, on same day I received Dao (Tao Receiving Ceremony). Second – These all girls are not from China. Some are from China, some from Taiwan, some people come there are from Singapore, also. Third – After 13rd of March, I have asked them should I keep coming to temple or not. I have already told them that I come from a Buddhist family. I never hidden that my father was a Buddhist Priest. They said me to keep coming to temple, they accepted me as an Atheist, so I accepted them what they are. And this is how I manage to be with them. I don’t feel alone with them and I like that small community. 
You know disputes between India and China. Which side will you be if both of the nations are on war?
Yes I know about disputes, their reasons as well. I don’t want any nation be involved in wars. I’m against wars. I’m an Earthian more than being an Indian. I’m citizen of earth planet and it doesn’t make me against of any nation, same like nationalists, they believe themselves citizen of any nation and it doesn’t make them against of their state, city, mohalla.. If, there is war between India and China, I will support humanity not any of nations.
So you’re not an Indian.
By birth I’m Kosmian (Laughing) because I was born in Kosmi village, district Balaghat. That is my JanmaBhoomi. It’s just coincidence that the village is inside of the land surrounded by these political lines which was divided into 6062 sovereign states ruled by many kings. (Smile). I accept the coincidence. I’m also a South Asian and an Asian as well. If one put label on me then according to my geographical recognition, there are many labels I see. But I don’t want to be labelled by geographically – politically – religiously – culturally – linguistically ..
What do you feel when you are asked to bow down before Laughing Buddha? Do you perform their rituals aslo in their temple?
I do Kow Tows and I feel my Agya Chakra vibrating. I feel pain in my waist. I see holy seal on Pai Dian. Yes I do rituals there in Fotang. I have remembered Arriving and Departure rituals. I’m learning Instance rituals also. I loke to perform rituals wearing Gowns for males.
Can I see you as Taoist rather than a Buddhist or an Atheist?
Yes you can. All depends on you whatever label you want to put on my face (smile).
Don’t you feel guilty to be influenced by these people while you are son of a Buddhist Priest?
I don’t find myself guilty for that. These are facts that my father was a Buddhist Priest, I have spent my early life as Navyani Buddhist. I’m still closer to Jiddu Krishnamurti on way of thinking and analysing. I also admire Hui Neng, and others of these people.
Are you pure vegetarian?
No. I’m not pure vegetarian but I’m not non-vegetarian also. I want to be vegetarian. I don’t need onion garlic in my food but I accept whatever edible food is served to me at my home or outside. I don’t demand for pure vegetarian food but if it’s available, if cook has no problem, if other people with me are not suffered by my special food, I would really like to have vegetarian food.
Suppose, I’m out at friend’s place. Beef is cooked and served to all. They didn’t know about me that I like vegetarian foods. I would have the food. I will not make the cook to prepare food for me, specially, after or before Beef. If they cook vegetarian food for me, and nonveg for themselves, I will not mind if kitchenware are contaminated with nonveg foods, ai will be ok if spoons are shared for both veg and nonveg foods.

23:26, Monday, 21st November 2016


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