Complaint Against Us In Green Park 

​Today in Green Park some people complained about us to main watchman. I was practicing Tai Chi Sword 32, Rachel Aunt, Melody and Kristin also used the Toy Sword for their practices. 2-3 people has complained to the main watchman about us. According to the chief or in charge watchmen, he received four time complaints from people.
We were practicing Tai Chi Sword 32, one watchman came closer to Kristin and checked if the sword is real or fake one. He found it a toy and not harmful, he left. After few minutes I felt tap on my shoulder, when I turned back, it were two other watchmen asked me to get permission before taking the sword inside the park. I said them it’s toy, not real sword, but they said me to meet the watchmen in charge. I just asked them to let us finish our practice then I would come to meet the watchmen in charge. After completing Tai Chi 48, Rachel Aunt, Melody, Kristin and I together reached at the main gate of green park, I was waiting for the watchmen in charge, while Rachel Aunt Melody and Kristin had left. Before the chief watchmen would come, some other people took the sword in their hand to play, someone asked me how & from where to buy, I suggested him Amazon & E-Bay for online shopping. Now the chief watchmen had come. He is old and I felt bad when he said he had to listen words from people because of me. Other people present there asked the chief watchmen that the toy sword should be allowed to take inside the park for practice. Well, it was just their opinion, but rules are rules. I said sorry to old chief watchmen for all words he had to listen from people because of me and I requested him if he could allow me to bring toy-sword for practice – but he is not an authority to allow me, for people complained him on same morning. Well, I have no problem, I’m not going to agitate for getting permission – I have no fight with anyone. 
Now, I wont, me and my Chinese friends should be allowed to practice continue in the park and I hope, people who complained about us should not be feeling winners to see us practicing bare hands.
It would be better if we were allowed to practice with the toy sword. And it would be much better if all people would practice Tai Chi with us – I can teach them. Tai Chi is very good. Mind-Body-Breathing, everything works together, with all their collectiveness, rest other wealth benefits are there – Google knows. I wish, everyone who comes there in Green Park should be my friend and should learn Tai Chi from us.

12:38 pm Friday 25 November 2016


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