Suspicious 26th of Nov 2016

​It’s 26th again – 8 is again before me with starting rehearsals for a street play. I’m also a bit afraid if my Chinese friends are prohibited to practice in Green Park. I’m afraid that the toy sword would be considered as weapon. People come in the park maybe not have seen such toy sword, they have not even heard of Tai Chi. Another reason I’m worrying about is the conflict between India and China. Social Apps are filled with hate against Pakistan and China and so some people in India consider Chinese people their enemies. Few days ago when Melody and me were doing practice of Tai Chi, I heard someone walking on track was saying ‘..these Chinese people come in India, live with fake names…’ I told that to Melody. I’m sad to see people having hate for others in their heart. People are biased. They don’t want to be part of global family.
8 is again and I’m as a superstitious person, afraid of tomorrow. Okay, tomorrow is always tomorrow, tomorrow never comes but mind is stupid – and this stupid mund wishes all to be my friends though I know people will always have objections with small reasons. 
Our north eastern Indians are still not considered and loved as Indians. When I was in Delhi, I saw people calling north easterns Chinky, this is abusive word used by others for northeast people. We have many differences, how can one trust people that they will not harm to citizens of earth planet? Here, now being a citizen of earth planet is taken anti-national, how can one dare to be part of global family?
Now is 01:37 am and I have to wake up at 5 to reach for rehearsal in Madh Island. It was a wrong of me to stay at 113. Dinner just finished at 02:18 and I have few hours left to wake up for rehearsal. 
It’s not life. It is imbalance of life. 


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