No Style Is Wrong Style, They Are Just Different 

A master who wandering beside a lake one day, heard the sounds of the ‘Walking On Water’ mantra being chanted incorrectly from an island a little way from the bank. The master, full of compassion for the errant and wishing to teach the correct formula, found a boat and rowed across the water to the island. (He had not yet mastered the method himself and had to make do with the more conventional means of crossing, i.e. a boat.)
Arriving at the camp of a young Sufi novice, he instructed him in the correct words and their order. The novice was delighted at the intervention of so venerable a master and thanked him profusely for taking the time to help. Returning to the boat, the master set out for the bank, rightfully contented at his good deed in helping the young man. Cut short in his thoughts he looked up in astonishment to see the young novice running on the water shouting, ‘Master, Master, come back, come back. I’ve forgotten the words.’

I read this story on a website I was surfing about Tai Chi. Yesterday I came to know some Tai Chi classes in Mumbai, their movements in YouTube videos are different from us. They are sometimes fast and sometimes slow. Their movements looks like they are making efforts and using muscles’ power. What I do is different – slow movement, concentrating on my body movements, with breathings, bent knees, circular way. They, according to their websites, provide fortification course also. I’m not certified from any institute, I learned from my teachers trio – ChiChi, Hui & Melody. I won’t say whose way is right because while doing Tai Chi, It’s revealed in me that Nothing Is Wrong, Just Different. I know 24, 48 & 32 (sword) and I don’t have certificate. I don’t have pay money anyone to certify me. 
Above story, I read yesterday evening and I came to know about Tai Chi Classes at noon yesterday. I was a bit sad and confused after knowing about classes but the story made me feeling comfortable. 
10:06 am Monday 28th November 2016


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