Two Monks and a Beautiful Woman 

Two Zen monks were walking along a river when they came upon a beautiful young woman. The bridge was out, she tearfully explained, and she needed to cross the river right away. “Don’t worry,” said one of the monks, “just climb on my back and I’ll carry you across.”
The girl climbed on the monk’s back and he took her across. The monks then continued on their journey, but the second monk was very upset. Finally he couldn’t stand it anymore and said, “How could you, a virtuous monk, allow an attractive young lady to ride upon your back?”
The first monk said, “Are you still carrying that lady? I put her down when we crossed the river.”
– Zen Buddhist story

The second monk understands that the first monk tried him to look down. He didn’t reply anything. In the evening when they reached in a village, the saw the same young woman was there welcoming these two monks. The beautiful woman was no-one but daughter of the head of the village herself. She had informed about duo monks to her family and village people. Second monk suggested to first monk that we should move ahead to find another village, but first monk refused the advice and accepted the offer from villagers to stay night at the village while the second monk moved towards next village.
The first monk, accepted the offer to stay at village in night became the resident of the village, he got married to the girl because her family requested him to be their son-in-law. This monk was very good person to be a civilian, sokn he became head of the village and he was very popular among other heads of villages.
The second monk kept walking whole night and could not find any village to stay in night. He spent that night under a tree. He meditated that night about the beautiful woman not Buddha, and till morning he dropped her from his mind, under the tree, and moved ahead.
This second monk reached in a village at noon. After having his meal he recalled again what all happened yesterday –

– kindness vs theory 

– attachment vs teaching 

– offer vs duty

– loneliness vs memory

He was still in his memory. 
“Where are you from, o monk?” Asked one of passer by villagers.

“I’m coming from the river” said thr monk.

The second part of the story was added by me. I’m nobody to add anything kn Zen Stories but what come is my mind, I do.

09:07am Wednesday 30 November 2016


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