Moment Demands Courage ! 

​If one is going to die next week (I suppose!) What will does he do then? Will he spend time in earning money? Should he stop himself from singing because people laugh at his voice? Shouldn’t him enjoy each and everyday of the week to live his life fully?
I heard, Bhagat Singh was busy completing the book he was reading before executed by British Government. He spent his short life reading, writing and thinking about goodness for future generations.
Sajan Peshawari, I don’t know him personally but I have read Deewan-E-Ghalib compiled by him where he writes in foreword of the book, “People who makes change in the world are people who care neither of others nor themselves.” I read those lines in Hindi.
But, what I feel, to live life happily needs much courage. I have forgot the name of medieval thinker, he was Gothe or Dante, said, “courage, courage and courage only we need” and I admit I lack the courage! I know, I’m not enough courageous to taste the life. I don’t have courage to let the life on its way and I’m unhappy making reluctant efforts to go as normal common man in society. I cannot criticize government, politicians, police, because I’m afraid of their power. I cannot help poor tribal people to fight against wealthy industrialists for their jungles. I’m just sad to see dalits are insulated in interior areas because of  caste-system in Indian Society. I don’t stand for them because I don’t find enough courage in me. Chi Chi says, “No need to be much talented or having ability to do anything. One needs just ‘heart’.” She meant having ‘willingness’ to do, and one can do. In my case, willingness is weaker without courage.
Life is remaining one week, one day, or one hour.. this moment, and I stop worrying about future, I forget my past. I’m at the moment. I find emptiness! Peace! I find Happiness not excitement depending on reason for it. Moment liberates me, and past and future imprison me for nothing. I never try to hold the moment. And I don’t have courage to be in the moment forever! 

01:05 am Monday 5th December 2016


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