11th & 12nd of December 2016

I’m depending on society – and I’m not giving back anything to anyone. My inner is gradually becoming shameless. I still have the sense of self respect but I find myself not able to hold it.
Today, I received a gift from Melody – a “Tai Chi Dress” – she has bought for me few day ago but I didn’t go to garden for practices and she couldn’t give me the costume. Today, when I went to Fotang for cleaning lamps, she gave me the dress before dinner. I think the dress is too loose or oversized but they say it’s ok for me. I asked her how much I need to pay for the costume? She refused to take money for that. She says it’s my “birthday gift” before my birthday.
I was a little hesitant to take the gift. I want to pay back to her or to fotang as donation, but how – I don’t know. They know my financial status and maybe this is why they didn’t sell me the dress but gifted it.
I feel pity on myself.
I was not excited when receiving Tai Chi Dress, but I was happy of course, and I was not shameless though. I’m still thankful to her. I’m thankful to all of them. 
22:56 Sunday 11th December 2016

Ta – When will I become famous?
(I ignored. I heard but I was not willing to answer.)
Ta – When will I become famous?
Wo – When will I become famous?
(I put the same question instead replying)
Wo – What you will say about me will be the reply for you.
Who don’t want to be famous?

Those who

Avoid to be centre of attraction

Are shy

Are reserved

Dislike disturbance in their personal life
Rest want to be famous.

Rest want people know them.

People think being famous is same beingcelebrity.

People generally misunderstand fame with popularity.

Some great men in past were famous not popular. Even in contemporary world, many people, I see, are famous but not popular.
Wo – You maybe don’t know Hugo Chavez.
Ta – Who is he?
Wo – He was president of Venezuela and he was so popular that the constitution was changed for him.
If one is much popular among his people only but outside he is unknown, then?

Changez Khan is considered the only incarnation of Tenri (Tengri). He was very popular among his people and famous in world – our history taught us that he was cruel warrior emperor from Mongolia.
23:15 Monday 12nd December 2016

‘What you are saying’ is not more important than ‘in which pitch you are saying’ and ‘how loud your voice is.’ Speaking unnecessarily happens when explanations and answers are not required but someone is still speaking and people supposed to listen are not willing to listen the speaker.

This speaker must die!
If he is knowing that his words are being spoken but supposed listeners are not willing to listen him, means he is speaking something worth not to be spoken.
If he feels delivering words are must but listeners are ignoring him, them a wise man would speak his words in manners, in limited time, in symbolic language so that only wise listeners can understand not all.
Speaker must be a wise man. If he is not a wise man, but a popular speaker, then he is a threat to society who can misguide people, he can play with emotions of people, he can be a tool of masters to woo the public for their use.
Speakers, I have seen, having misunderstanding that they are knowledgeable persons. They generally speak, no matter their words are required are not. They always put their opinions, even if nobody asks them. Some funny speakers speak and they do not care if people are listening them or not. They share their thoughts, in a low voice, uselessly, unnecessarily. These low-voice hidden speakers don’t thunk themselves wisemen. They generally don’t have independent opinion when asked. They either smile shamelessly or show their foolishness in other ways.
Speakers having misunderstanding that they are knowledgeable and wise men, are irritating. They must die! Initially they are given attention by listeners but soon they come to know that the speaker is kind of preacher who treats listeners as pupils. This kind of speakers must be stopped. They are time killers. They have nothing new to share but to prove themselves wiser than listeners. These speakers soon become burden for listeners. They are not good doers, they know only speaking uselessly. They also, when find being ignored, start speaking in higher volume and high pitch. If you block them with one-line-logic, they start explaining why that is necessary to say. You ignore their explanation and they start fighting. You prove their words match not with facts and they claim the facts are wrong. You put facts and they believe their opinions generated by their imagination are stronger logic than facts.
Irritating foolish egoistic egomaniac speakers, please die soon. We don’t need you!
00:22 Monday 12nd December 2016


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