Karma & Causation 

​Would you like to come again in this world?
Answer – 1 : Never!
If it’s obliged to rebirth then? Because of your karma?

Answer – 1 : Only in Royal or rich Industrialists family.

Answer – 2 : Only in upper caste wealthy family.

Answer – 3 : It would be better if concept of Rebirth have been proved false by scientists.
Don’t you want be famous?
I want to be famous, prosperous and popular as well.
And because you are not famous, wealthy, popular, don’t you think you need to do work hard?
I don’t think so.
How can you get that all then?
If it’s by karma, I don’t need to think about it. I accept whatever comes in my way. I agree or disagree, doesn’t matter.
Karma theory is doubtful when we talk and predict about ‘Life before birth’ and ‘Life after death.’

Actually, the concepts of ‘Life before birth’ and ‘Life after death’ are funny. No one with aware mind will accept this theory of Rebirth.
Causation Theory here works. Causation Theory is not Karma theory exactly.
19:55 Monday 2016


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