They’ll Not Find Me In Good 

​After a long time, yesterday, one of my childhood friend msgd me on Whatsapp :-
Ta : What’s going on?
(Friend suddenly became aware about me yesterday. I had been sending msgs but friend never replied me. Yesterday suddenly what happened that friend had to ask me about what is going on in my life, I don’t know)
Wo : I don’t know.
(My honestand casual answer to a childhood friend with whom I don’t feel to be formal)
Ta : Arey! Why so?
(Friend didn’t expect such kind of reply from me)
Wo : I don’t know either.
(My honest reply)
Ta : Then what happened? Is their something wrong?
(Trying to show that friend is caring but actually friend is nothing just curious to know about my life in Mumbai)
Wo : Na.
(I just made my friend to feel no worries)
Ta : Then why did you reply this way?
(My first reply was still feeling uncommon to friend)
Wo : It was just Normal reply, as it is and simple. Formal replying sounds fake, so..
(I tried to explain that I’m real and I don’t need to be formal with long time friends)
Ta : Ok. What’s new? Any movie or tv series?
(Friend either want to know about my success in media world or wanted to feel proud of me. I didn’t allow my friend both. I’m still nothing more than a struggling actor who just have started finding work)
Wo : I did an ad in November, then started performing street-plays. I have also started casting-coordination but I’m not interested in casting.
Ta : Is that ad on air on all channels?
(More curious to see my ad if it’s on tv, my friend would like to show people)
Wo : It was a Web Ad.
(I poured a glass of cold water)
Ta : You could not make any jugaad so far?
(Question on my helplessness)
Wo : Na. It seems that I’m unsuccessful in this field also but one good thing happened in these months that I have started learning Tai Chi Chuan. Now I know 24, 48 and 32 sword Tai Chi and I’m enjoying it.
(Tried to recollect some self respect by telling that I have learned something new)
Ta : Why this?
(Friend and me used to learn Karate in Balaghat. We both of us gained Orange Belt, 8th grade. I don’t know my friend knew about Tai Chi or not)
Wo : Because I got the chance.
(Because, I have got the chance. It’s what my answer is)
19:21 Monday 19th December 2016


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