Unwanted Talkers 

​Wo – So you guys want to discuss over it?
Tamen – Yep. You cannot escape always.
Wo – Ok. Let’s make some rules for discussion?
Tamen – What rules and for what?
Wo – Rules are :-

Everyone will use maximum three sentences at a time. Everyone has to respect the language, words and person. Everyone can do pass if he has nothing to speak.

Rules are for to proceed the discussion in it’s gentle way, peacefully. We don’t need to be hasty to reach at conclusion. Discussion will take its time. Let it be in it’s own way.
Tamen – Ok, and what if one suddenly feels the discussion is boring?
Wo – It’s their personal matter what one feels.
Tamen – And what if one stop participating in discussion?
Wo – We can’t forcefully make anyone to discuss with us.
Tamen – And if someone wantsto use more than three sentences then?
Wo – After third one sentence, all sentences one speak will be considered not worth to think about.
Tamen – Achchha! And someone uses abusive language then?
Wo – One who causes to fight must be fired.
Tamen – Who are you to make rules? Who made these rules?
I’m one of the participants, whom you guys forcefully want to discuss with you.
If you are not interested then ok. We will not discuss with you.
Thank you. I’m really not interested.
People sometimes want to discuss so that they can make you feel low. It is better if you make them clear that which topics you are not to discuss with them. I avoid religion and politics. Any topic related to religion and politics, I feel, may lead to useless arguments and it ends with unhappy moods of participants.
If they want to know about something, check how much eager or curious they are and for what. If it’s just for time pass then better is not to talk.
Try not to hurt anyone. Respect language, words and person of course. 
I avoid arguments. I prefer not to speak with anyone. If I haveto speak then I try it should be within 3 – 4 sentences. Elaboration is worst and explanation kills. Explanation is must if listner is eager to understand, and speaker is able to speak. Depends in time and space as well. If one is trying to talk deliberately, then forcefully I have to stop the talk.
Ta : I’m very spiritual person.
Wo : Oh thanks. You didn’t hide the dieses. I’ll not talk over any such topics related to spirituality.
Wo : It would be better if you let me guess. A real spiritual person never claims that he is spiritual.
21:44 Monday 19th December 2016


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