Illusioned Answers 

Yesterday I was thinking for Teaching Tai Chi as my optional source of income, nowadays I have no work in acting. But I didn’t take any course from any institution. My teachers are three girls who themselves are not professional Tai Chi teachers. They are here in India to propagate Tao/Dao. If I’m asked from which institute I’m from or which style I follow in Tai Chi, I have not answer. I even don’t get into much in theories.
I asked this question in “Tai Chi Secrets Movements” on Facebook and I recieved some comments I will share here later but today when I went to Garden, I found a new learner who also teaches Wu Shu professionally. I got the answer in my mind :- 
I can’t make it other source of income until I feel myself enough to teach.

I can’t teach people until they come to me.

I can’t teach Tai Chi until I earn trust of people.

Until people have faith in me, I can’t teach Tai Chi.

I know only 24, 48 & 32

Not matter how much I know, I must be perfect on what I know.
Some best Comments I got in “Tai Chi Secrets Movements” on Facebook are –
1- Lauriat Lane Third

In todays world, in almosy every field certifications are pretty much a joke, and even more so in any of the “esoteric disciplines”. Judge by visible talent and knowledge, and openmly scorn certificate collectors!
2 – Julien Valiquette

Usually your own teacher gives you the permission to teach. No one else. The reason for this is to ensure you teach proper technique according to your teacher’s standards. If taught wrong, the stances can hurt the student’s joints and back.
3 – Aaron Ferguson

In the USA we need a certification just to walk down the street. In the real world of Chinese Martial Arts the answer is… what? Who you learned from, what they taught you, and what you can do with it are everything. Let’s put this way, if you’re certified you’re probably not authentic, but many masters are catering to this Western requirement today. To the best of my knowledge the Chen Village offers no certifications.
4 – Edward Stanulevich IV

Certification is only worth what you put into it. I’ve met and spoken with plenty of highly ranked or certified people who didn’t know their peng from a hole in the ground. The best training I’ve received was from “unauthorized dealers” in backyards and basements. The first person I learned Taijiquan from had a certificate from a master he studied under in the park. As far as I know, neither of them had official rank. Their skill spoke for its self, so they didn’t need it.

A big part of certification and rank is politics. The black belt system originally required service to the art, school, and master to advance past the basic levels.
5 – Keni Lee Burgess

It is best to study with one teacher and progress through the stages of beginner, intermediate, and advanced. If there really is anything known as “secrets”, you will discover them through a consistent practice. It would be foolish to teach physics to a kindergartener. Teachers are usually not interested in butterfly students. Building a solid relationship is the traditional method. Tried and true, it works.
07:01 Wednesday 21st December 2016


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