22nd December 2016

​I cannot claim to be perfect in any talent in me. I’m not an excellent actor after spending years in theatre. I’m not able to choreograph any dance though I have a little knowledge of kathak. I cannot play tabla because I know just few Taals only and that I’m not perfect in.


Yesterday I was reading about Jack Ma, most richest business magnet from China also is a Tai Chi practitioner. He used to teach Tai Chi earlier according to Wikipedia. He is a miracle!


Today morning I was doing Tai Chi, and someone approached to us (Melody & Me) to enquire about the art. I saw him practicing martial art on same ground we were practicing Tai Chi. According to him his master said, ‘without understanding of martial art Tai Chi is useless’ ..Melody didn’t oppose him or his master’s words. We avoid debate, we avoid conflict, we avoid fighting. If someone asks me about Tai Chi, I say ‘it’s Meditation, Moving Meditation if we do slowly, it’s martial art if we do fast. It also has health benefits for that do Google.’

I understand why his master made him look Tai Chi down, because – he don’t want to lose his student, he is proud of his art only, he don’t want his proud be broken, ..because I understand, I must play calmer.

A kid comes to learn Tai Chi. I find him not interested in learning but his father, a driver by occupation, is hoping a bright future for the kid. I said his father to not force him to learn anything against his wish. I don’t take money from them for teaching Tai Chi, I wish them to learn from heart.


23:02 Thursday 22nd December 2016


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