24th December 2016, Saturday 

​Yesterday I made calls to some Tai Chi teachers. One of them said his fee is 12 thousands for seven months, two days class in a week, and he allows practicing with him forever. I asked him about certification course, he said he doesn’t give certificate but he can certify me. He clearly said on phone that he teaches Qi Kong, and not Tai Chi martial art.
Second was a lady said me to come and meet. Today I went to the address she sent me. I rang the bell, a fatty girl opened the door and asked me my ID card that I gave her. After a minute she returned my ID card and allowed me to enter. It was a 1bhk flat fully decorated colourful, so many posters of Bruce Lee and his quotes were on wall. Some of certificates of instructors were also there among posters. Three boys were inside practicing kicks. That fatty girl asked me to read quotes, newspaper cuttings of instructor praising her, etc. I finished all then she said me to watch a video on tv which was their fighting practices, fees etc. After video finished, fatty girl sent me inside to talk to the instructor. It was a lady dressing in half military costume and half casual. She said about herself that she and other male teacher have been trainers for special forces etc. In our talking a clearly told her that I’m interested in Tai Chi not in fighting. Though, my intentions were to know what and how much knowledge they have about Tai Chi, but I found her dragging me to learn Martial Art. She put the logic that I’m young so need to learn Martial Art instead learning Tai Chi. Her fee was 10 thousands rupees per month, three months course for Tai Chi instructed by instructors, and if she herself would teach then it will be 20 thousands rupees per month. I left them leaving impression that ‘I’m not impressed.’ I didn’t tell them that I know Tai Chi. 
Yes I want to learn more Tai Chi forms. I know 24, 48 & 32 (sword). I’m nowadays willing to learn 56 but Chi Chi and Melody don’t know 56. — Also, I want to teach Tai Chi. I want to teach it as a Moving Meditation and Physical Exercise. I was not taught it as fighting skill. How can I promote/advertise myself, I don’t know. I don’t want to use internet, websites. Tai Chi in slow way (24 & 48) doesn’t attract youths of India. It may attract a little to old age people but they are fashioned by Yoga (only physical exercises of Yoga Philosophy not the Real Yoga). Ramdev is a good businessman who has marketized Yoga and brought it in fashion. 
I don’t have certificate. I learned Tai Chi from Chi Chi, Melody and Hui. I want to payback to society. I’m not to be a Master or Guru. I want to remain a friend for all.
But some questions are there in my mind–

How and where can I find students?

How to find old age people willing to learn Tai Chi?

Would they like to do Tai Chi instead Yoga?

How can I make Tai Chi more attractive for youth?

Do people like to fight only and not peace?
A boy, I’m teaching Tai Chi in garden, doesn’t seem to learn it. His father forces him to learn but the boy is not interested. I feel, Tai Chi doesn’t attract grownups. Ramdev has covered entire India with physical exercises of Yoga Atheist Philosophy with help of BJP Government. I’m not a businessman. Jack Ma is great, salute to him.
Evening was great in Fotang. It was language class today but they had invited a friend, so we had been talking and cleaning lamps, then we all had dinner together and I came home.

Now, Drinking Tea before bed.
22:06 Saturday 24th December 2016


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