Happy Manusmriti Burning Day! 

My father used to say that one must not wear tattered clothes. If one is poor and his cloths are tattered, then it must be at least clean and neat, – my clothes are old, getting tattered.


It was 90th “Manusmriti Dahan Diwas” today observed by Neo-Buddhists in India. Most of non-Buddhists don’t know the importance about this day. I had sent greetings to some Whatsapp groups and some friends who sent me ‘Xmas’ greetings today. Yes, it was Xmas and Tulsi Poojan Day also. Population of Christians are less than neo-Buddhists in India but because of media and magnetization, people know about Xmas not Manusmriti Burning Day.

I see, people of India do not like neo-Buddhists. They rarely send greetings to Buddhists on their festivals. I didn’t receive any greetings for Manusmriti Burning Day from any non-Buddhists so far.

Neo-Buddhists, especially those who became Buddhists by Dr. Ambedkar are more aware people than common Hindu population. They have become free from worshipping statues or person. These people are financially weak, politically misused, and geographically not organized properly, so they are not influential in India. Media also don’t give importance to neo-Buddhists because it’s still seen as a religion again Brahmins, Brahminism, Caste System, Varna System, and media if tool of Savarn People. They are jealous of these rising neo-Buddhists people,  rapidly becoming threat to Brahminical Systems.


Happy Manusmriti Burning Day to all of you!

23:43 Sunday 25th December 2016


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