My Language Is Not Yours 

​Sometimes, when I talk about language then it doesn’t mean to Hindi, English etc. For me, language is a medium, to communicate, to convey feelings or thoughts, through any way.
I was walking through Aram Nagar Part-1, to Seven Bungalow Garden bus stop. One fruit stall-hawker was walking before me. When he reached near small hut beside road, he drops an orange and suddenly an old poor lady sitting on her doorsteps, picked up that orange. All incidents happened within less than 20 seconds. And I was feeling very happy. I didn’t give that fruit to the lady, I didn’t pay him for the fruit, but this incident made me happy. — It was a language, communication occurred between the man and old poor lady, that made him to slip an orange from his cart and lady got that. I was like an outsider who caught the incident happened, though it was not for me, but that conveyed to me as well.
It was an example of higher language. A little lower level but higher than symbol and words is when understands or feel what other/s want/s. Symbolic language is also higher than words. Symbols are though lower than above languages, they are still difficult than words, and they are ignored because they are mysterious. Mindful people play with symbols while clever people play with words.
For wise, language is without words and symbols. For wiser ones, language is beyond than actions, words, symbols, ..I’m not authorized to talk about enlightened ones. My Facebook is in English but on my language info I have not mentioned any language. I’m learning that language which is beyond words symbols etc.
21:21 Thursday 29th December 2016


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