New Year Eve 2017

​A friend can help only when one is willing to do/be/come by himself.. An old saying is, – “you can take a horse to river but you cannot make him drink water” – The boy used to come to learn Tai Chi has stopped after I told his father about his unwillingness. My little nephew is 3 years old, and I felt him reluctant to copy my Tai Chi steps. I cannot force anyone to do anything. For me, everyone is right, on their own path, nobody is lesser than others, and flow comes from within. One who understand the ‘flow’ should respect and nourish it.
A lady took my number few months ago when I used to go to Lokhandwala Garden. She has never been my friend. She saw me few times in garden and once when I had arguments there with an egoistic woman, she was also there. She once had a long discussion with me and all the time she has been doing advertisements of a product, she is working for that. Since then she has been asking me to visit their office but I’m always reluctant to be part of chain-marketing for any product. On 29th, I visited there, she also was there because it was her who asked me to come. Again she started promoting their products, nonstop. I said, ‘I’m not willing to bye these products. I’m not willing to be part of these marketing.’ I also had made it clear that I don’t feel any flow from within to do this. She again started praising their products, but I cut her talk and said – ‘should we leave now?’ And she had no other options but to stop talking. We both us came out of the office together and I came to my home. She couldn’t make me to be her down line in that chain-marketing.
It’s 31st December 2016, calender will be changed from tonight and my Life will continue the same path which I don’t like. I now need prosperity. I need fame. I need popularity. I have spent all my life living lile unknown person hidden under seven layers of clouds. I’m fed up of these poverty which limits my wings of life. I need to fly high in the sky. And I don’t have any hope from 2017. There no possibilities I see in coming year. Calender changes not fate.
I wonder how some people continuously keep getting works. Here I don’t know how to beg for work from casting directors and production houses. Happy are those who are celebrating new year eve this time. I’m at home, ate more food than other days, I’m also happy with sorrow, poverty, and few old cloths, broken pair of shoes, ..
21:51 Saturday 31st December 2016


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