Selfy, Celebrity & Meek

​Today when I went to garden, three guys were practicing their kicks. Two of them were same asked me to teach Tai Chi. After my initial exercises, I stared teaching them some movements of 24. Chi Chi, Christy and Melody had also come their till 8. I took a break from teaching Tai Chi and joined practice with my Chinese friends. A person had been watching us doing Tai Chi. It is not a new thing for us. People watch us doing 24 & 48 but rarely one comes to talk to us. It’s maybe because Indians hate Chinese people, or they think Tai Chi is difficult or they maybe thinking that these Chinese people ask for fee to teach Tai Chi. But that guy approached to us and directly asked to Melody about Tai Chi, how many forms she knows, some techniques, fees etc. He asked me too how many forms I know. Later he demonstrated some movements of 24, and left. He said he will come tomorrow with his son. When I was doing Tai Chi with Chinese friends, I saw those three guys feeling hesitation. When we finished our practices, one of these three guys asked for a selfy with him and of course I was ready. They took almost three pictures with me but not all three, just one person. It reminds me the the ad I did for Sharon plywood one and half years ago – everyone of the unit was willing to take picture with me. I was feeling like celebrity that time – but this time I didn’t feel like celebrity. I don’t know why did he took photo with me. When I shared this incident and feeling about it with my friends, one of them said me a ‘meek’.

00:04 Saturday 31st December 2016


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