Change Is Just Outside! 

​I have deactivated my Facebook.

People think if you are not on Facebook, you do not exist. I do not exist then. I’m on my blogs where nobody cares what I’m writing or sharing with unknown world. I’m living in Mumbai, as an actor, and nobody knows me, same here on blogs. Facebook was just for being in touch with people and friends but later it had become a source for getting information which are not on mainstream media. I found those news are disturbing my peace of mind. Of course, Dalits, Aboriginals, Muslims are being tortured and misused by powerful men of politics but what can I do? Barking on Facebook is not a solution. And listening how loudly people are crying on Facebook posts is useless. I cannot help to find Najeeb, I could not save Rohit Vemula, I cannot help Soni Sori, I cannot help dalit-hindus when they are insulated and beaten because of their caste, I cannot help Muslims when they are projected as terrorists. I cannot help needy people, because, I myself a weak person. I’m not insensitive, Im weak and I accept the fact. First I have to fight against my weakness, and then only I can go forward to help others. I cannot even leave this field otherwise it would be an coward’s ‘escape’ which I had been doing do far. Successful people, when they switch their field, they are accepted by society. When an Escapee switches his field he is considered unsuccessful person. One who is unsuccessful is always failure until he finds out his real field, what he is actually made for. Some people are always fighting for tribals’ rights, some are struggling for their people, some are agitating for students even when they themselves are not students, some people are happily supporting government no matter it’s working against people, some people are just involved in their families, some are ignorants.. everyone is driving their life according to their way of thinking, under limitations of their knowledge and understandings, with all available source which they could find – and this is all leads one to his or her death and then finished! Stop! People forget who was who and what who did for what and how ..nobody cares! Nobody cares what I’m writing here! I’m not writing this for anyone or anything. I’m neither against Modi nor supporting any tool of any communal organization. I do Tai Chi which is for myself, not to beat anyone. I’m in Mumbai, but unknown. I’m not hidden, I’m dying to come out, but not getting work. I don’t know how to beg for work. Without continuity track, what can I do? I’m not a celebrity, and being celebrity is, I think, by fate. How one gets circumstances to be focused by media is by luck. I see one cannot even speak properly but he participated in Big Boss and media projected him as celebrity. Many programs are for youth and young people enjoy celebrity status before their 21. I have to surrender myself to something unknown. I accept I’m failure! I admit I’m unsuccessful so far. My worldly achievements are too less that I would never like to count them. One life was not enough and rebirth would be same as hell. I reactivate my Facebook sometimes, and it same as it was when I did deactivate it. Change is just outside, inner is same – unchanged DEAD! 
22:06 Sunday 1st January 2017


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