Being Master Is An Image! 

​I want to share about two topics :-

1. I’m not master of anything.

2. Does imagination change the reality?
‘Jack of all, Master of none’ is one of oldest saying I read while learning English. As an IAS aspirant we used to said for doing study to know about everything not for specialization. I was not good in study, I didn’t study well. Now,  when I see myself, I have nothing. I have no specialty. Maybe my Tai Chi movements are good, they may look good, but I’m not master. I’m not trained actor. I didn’t learn Kathak passionately. All my practices of meditations are left incomplete. What I successfully completed? ‘The Alchemist’, some other books and plays, I used to read ‘Sachchhi Veerata’ many times when I was in 12th class. These didn’t make me master of anything – I have nothing which may help me to earn money. Bhaskar Bhaiya suggested me to learn Yoga and become Yoga Teacher. That would be another good option for earning money for survival. What I teach in Tai Chi – just movements, forms, ..I can’t teach application of those movements in fighting.
Second, if an advocate creates a story and makes judge to give results in his side – means the advocate is able to bring his imagination into reality. Religious gurus say ‘there is a god’ someone imaginary which they believe exists. Gurus make people to believe what gurus have in their minds. If gurus are aware of their falsehood, that’s different matter. If a priest believes that a goddess is responsible for a village, he believes that for safety of the village, people must worship the goddess – is an imagination of the priest which he has brought into real world, and if other people also start believing the same about both goddess and village, the priest is successful. 
A boy was considered coward, hesitant, ..all kids used to make fun of him. Once he said every to call him ‘bhai’, suddenly his behaviour also changed, and kids stopped making fun of him. I believe – food, clothing and house is not in my priorities. And I’m not obliged to follow what others have image about me.


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