Financially Poor Fella !!

​Ok I will be there. And I may have lunch with you.
And dinner also together.
Ok. I could not come to Pune because you see I have bought new clothes. Now I have no money. I could not afford traveling.
But we didn’t ask you to pay for traveling. Also you not needed to worry about stay and food.
Yeah that I know but it’s not good to travel on your money because you are here and not earning money, so how could I ask you to pay my travel tickets?
You think so much. Don’t think much.
You buy me gift and I never gift you.
We don’t ask anything from you.
But I don’t like this.
You don’t like us?
No, I like you people, I like your small society, I like this community very much. You know about my atheist thoughts still I come here because you allowed me to come.
And I’m thankful for that.
Nothing. I forgot what I was talking about.
Aaa… You just don’t think much.
And you look handsome in new clothes.
Haha.. Thank You.
01:33am Wednesday 11th January 2017


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