Outside Is Danger! Inside Is Peaceful ♡

​Outside world is different and dangerous!

The world inside me is more peaceful, kind, thoughtful, aware. Happiness inside is more than outside. Those mediators who believe inside of human mind is full of sorrow and danger are either wrong or they themselves have black shade inside their minds. Their world maybe bad not others. For me, I don’t need organizations. Entire mankind is ok for me. Government is useless. Police is for them who need someone to stop them from doing wrong. I don’t do wrong, I don’t need police. I may need police only if it is to save good people from criminals. I’m not criminal. Government is for them who want to be governed by others. I’m not a sheep. I don’t need shepherd. They, who believe and practice “Live And Let Live” do not need government. Yes we need workers who should work for people, to serve society but of course they’re not politicians. Now political parties have become gangs of criminals. They work for themselves. I believe, if political persons are to serve people, they must not be richer than people. They should have authority to do something good for society but they must not be having power to rule over people. Let people live their lives according to their understandings.
21:20 Tuesday 10th January 2017


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