Smile On Face Hides Pain

​What a man can do if he is “not fit” for any requirement?
I can’t change mind of casting directors. They are also doing what they are asked to do. Production companies want Rich-Looking UpMarket artists for every project either it is mythological or contemporary subject. They don’t need just an artist, their requirement is the artist must be good looking and pleasant too. Most of Indian population is not fair skin but in television shows they have to cast only fair skin artists. It’s not their fault. It’s not fault. It’s the requirement of this age. Rarely we can see real-look character faces artists in Anurag Kashyap’s movies, Rajat Kapoor also uses real looking actors. Don’t talk about exceptions like Late Om Puri ji, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Sanjay Mishra, Raguveer & Rajpal Yadav.. they are exceptional cases. In tv industry, especially in Hindi series, rarely we can find anyone having real look in daily soap. Crime based episodic stories are said best options for real looking character faces but it proves harmful for artists image in future. I’m also an artist, an actor, I also want to be recognized as an actor but I find no vacancy for me. Casting Directors’ assistants call me for villagers characters which are nothing but like crowd people. These actors belong to rich families, enjoying celebrity status, can they understand my feelings? Ok, everyone has different fate. Everyone has different way of reaching people, everyone has different vibes. I’m also part of the same energy, they have. But I’m unknown, unrecognized, depending, walking hesitantly in outer orbit of this industry. I still believe, through auditions one can change life but then what? I wonder some people keep doing work sometimes as an anchor or sometimes in movie or in TV, I’m one who don’t know how to crack the Vyuh!! They who get selected for ad and continuity characters have what extraordinary, I don’t know. They seem not common people. They looks like people from another planet, at least they do not look belonging to our middle class society but they are selected for playing middle class characters. My look is more real than models but I am never offered continuity lead characters. I have nothing to complain. To whom I can complain and for what? I’m not fit for their requirements, that is fact. They cannot change their requirements according to my look. I have no other way but to accept the fact. That is truth. I accept it. I’m 5’6″-7″, wheatish, normal body, real looking 35years old man looking for opportunities in tv & movie industry. If there is any work suitable for my look, I do not reach there. My circle is limited, my friends are struggling. I went for an audition for mythological tv series but the casting person said me Not Fit. I said Thank You and came back with smile. That smile on my face was fake. 
17:14 Wednesday 11th January 2017


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