Stupid Monk Is Better Than Smart Politicians or Successful Businessmen 

​Life of monk is better than any other person on earth!

He is in peace, Inside and Outside too. He is what he is. He is fearless, carefree, courageous, ..with love in his heart. He is always purifying himself but not to prove anything to anyone. It’s all for himself. All doctors, teachers, everyone who is in service sector must be monks – not necessary to be belonging or adhering to any particular religion. It would be better if monks are nonreligious people. It is what they should be. Those who call themselves Saint in India are actually Gangs of Fake people exploiting public through Faith and Fake names of Deities. I wish, I could be a monk. I wanted to be a monk. I wish I would die as a monk. If I would be a monk following any philosophy, then the philosophy would be either Jaina or Buddhist or of course, Daoist. Taoist philosophy is the philosophy I’m attracted to nowadays. It doesn’t mean I will be a Taoist. I’m not Buddhist too in that way. I like those philosophies. If I’m offered opportunity to be a Taoist Monk, I wish I would accept that with courage. It would not be any betrayal against Dr. Ambedkar – I’m and I will be thankful to him for all what he did for people of India. He himself had been a monk for a short time maybe as Shraamner I’m not sure. I’m unable to survive in this world. Casting people say me Not-Fit for their requirements but actually I’m not fit for entire the system. I don’t say the system is bad or me. We are just not for each other. I think as a monk one is not responsible to the system. A monk is one who becomes the nature. I know I can be the same nature again I was. I can be free from impacts of emotions. I can observe every single part of the chain of thoughts. I can be simplest, honest and most stupid person. I’m not smart and I never want to be. I can remain that stupid fool forever my life and that would be best for me. I don’t need to be political-businessman mind. I wish I could be a monk, a real monk unlike religious dhongi gurus. I just afraid to be labelled as escapee. Yeah I want to avoid this useless unnecessary struggle for surviving day after another. Life becomes a burden when one is not enjoying it. Enjoying life is when kne is doing or being what he actually is in his inside. Being happy is something having the same outer what we have inside. Both inside and outside become same and there is fulfilment. It’s not a game. It’s not joke. It’s what everyone is looking for. 
22:55 Wednesday 11th January 2017


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