Cause Lies In Emptiness! 

​SHEKHAR – No no, I’m not. You are people involved in worldly affairs.
THEY – And you?
SHEKHAR – I’m not Involved.
THEY – But you replied, it means you are involved.
SHEKHAR – I replied the question. Question and answer are depending on each other. Same with me. I’m depending on everything outside – air, water, light, ..but I’m not Involved with anything.
THEY – Dependency is not involvement, you think.
SHEKHAR – Even the dependency with cooperation to each other cannot make you involved.
THEY – Then what is involvement?
SHEKHAR – Attachment!
THEY – Buddha Fever!
SHEKHAR – Can be Jiddu as well, who knows. They all are same, Buddha has no particular name.
THEY – You mentioned Jiddu as Buddha. I might not be meant about Siddhartha Gautama.
SHEKHAR  – Of course I said. I didn’t know what you meant. I thought you labelled me with Siddhartha the Buddha.
THEY – What you thought was wrong.
SHEKHAR – You know better I was wrong or not. I don’t know. You know what you meant. I understood what I had in my mind.
THEY – Knowledge cannot be given, what you think?
SHEKHAR – It can be transmitted.
THEY – How?
SHEKHAR – Matter of feeling, deep experience.
THEY – Why so? What can be said should be experienced too.
SHEKHAR  – It’s not sometimes.
THEY – Why?
SHEKHAR – Because, everything what can be experienced through outer senses are actually results. Cause is matter of feelings, and these feelings are too personal, for an individual.
THEY – You mean, God or like that?
SHEKHAR – You tried to simplify it, and trying to generalize it you have lost the the matter.
THEY – What was it?
SHEKHAR – The cause which can be experienced in deep feelings, inside and yes – outside too, but not through outer senses.
THEY – And you say that is behind everything.
THEY – Ok.
THEY – No words.
SHEKHAR – Exactly!
THEY – Why?
SHEKHAR – Emptiness!
THEY – There is no peace!
SHEKHAR – Then it’s not empty at all.
THEY – What?
SHEKHAR – Which would have been emptied, with no words but also no feelings, no thoughts.
THEY – There is feeling.
SHEKHAR – And you convert it into thoughts. You put a name to feeling and it becomes a concept resulting a thought.
THEY – Why don’t I had the same emptiness?
SHEKHAR – Already told you.
THEY – ..

03:32 am Friday 20th January 2017


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