21st January 2017

​I was told,

Democracy is to cast your vote!

And I said OK.

But now I came to know – 

Actually in democracy,

Everyone is treated equally,

Everyone has equal rights.
I never tried to know

Why only my religion is the best not others!

I never asked,

Why the religion I was born in,

is better than others’.
I was said,

Poor people are poor

Because they are lazy!

I never asked

How these hardworking farmers and labourers are poor in spite of their hard work?

How is it possible for some people to enjoy luxurious life without doing hardwork?
I was given education so that I may get a  good salary.

I didn’t ask them

For education make me an intellectual progressive modern man 

Who can bring the society a bright future.
Why does every student study just to get a good job?

Now I came to know –

My education was a conspiracy.

They wanted me to be a ‘Well-Paid-Slave’ with Zero Resistance power.
We have enough food, water, lands, clothes for all

But their religion, their politics, their education 

Are to make people their slaves!

And so the world is divided into nations, religions, ethnic-linguistic groups..
I dared not ask them, but

I’m not blind anymore!

I’m a Freeman now!

I dared not ask them

But I want now to stop the slavery!
I wish, 

When my last breath will be taken

I would leave a better world 

For my nephews and nieces.
(It was 3rd birthday of my nephew and I didn’t bring him any gift)


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