Better Is No Mission! 

​Some people have sacrificed their lives to eliminate casteism from India. Some  people are spending their lives for promoting Yoga, Tai Chi, ..some of them got girlfriend and found the aim for their lives – I’m aimless! It’s good because I didn’t choose any aim, I have not enforced myself to reach any goal. I’m still ready to accept what touches my heart. Some of my friends are devoted to Gayatri Parivar, some of people I see are core Ambedkarites, some of them are Buddhists and propagating thoughts of Ambedkarite Buddhism. My Chinese friends are propagating Tao. Ramdev, a great businessman got fame through promoting physical exercises of an ancient atheist philosophy. I don’t find myself where to merge my life. I’m still aimless – and this is good. I’m not living within boundaries of family, caste, language, culture, nation.. Being aimless is being free. To enjoy life. I’m not soldier of someone’s army. When I was in school, I was preparing myself to spread Buddhism in future but now, circumstances are changed. I think, people spent their lives for a mission were brainwashed. These groups promoting their gurus are blind. For them, only their guru, their way of meditation, their mantra is right. Rest all, every religion is fake for them. It’s not for my Chinese friends. They are not adhering to any particular religion, they think all other religions and ways are also right, but Tao (way) is direct. These girls have mission, to propagate Tao. I’m still far away but I feel, after Buddhist Jaina and Existentialist Philosophies, Tao also is my favourite one.
I don’t follow blindly. 

Three Treasures are as great as Three Gems. 
22:04 Monday 23rd January 2017


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