Invisible Performer! 

​Now time is gone when actors were picked from walking / open auditions. Most of auditions are shortlisted. Casting person select some profiles from his database and contact, then calls them if they are fit in criteria. Requirements are also changed – ‘only upmarket, rich look’ – rest of population is not on screen. Nawazuddin, Rajpal, Raghuveer are exceptional cases, rare examples. What I see in tv commercials, daily soaps, all actor-actresses are rich look, fully decorated, with full makeup, ..they don’t seem homely people. They do not represent our Indian population but requirement from channel and production houses are for rich looking upmarket .. I find no space for me here in Tv industry. I don’t have reach to movies. For movies it is said, production houses select primary cast by own, for secondary-tertiary but important casting they hire casting agency. Mukesh Chabra, Vicky Sidana, Honey Trehan, Shruti Mahajan, Jogi ..some of established casting directors for movies in Bollywood. It’s not easy for everyone to meet them. They need actors but one who fits the character. I’m average looking 35years old man. I have no special look, I’m not extraordinary actor, I see no place for me here in this industry. If I look for theatre, established groups do not allow outsiders to grow. If performer is not from NSD, FTII, BNA or any reputated institute, or from abroad, it’s too difficult for him to get entry in established theatre groups. I was a volunteer in The Company Theatre in Prithvi Theatre for ‘Noises Off’ and ‘Piya Behroopiya’, I understood that they allow only ‘crowd puller’ performers to be on stage. If one is great performer but average looking male, not from NSD-FTII-BNA or reputated institute, he should not waste time volunteering and on backstage in established theatre groups. I left volunteering after ten days and then started working with friends. This is also not fruitful – because we are financially not capable. Theatre has become fully commercialized. Now it’s not medium to aware people against social evils. I have lost hope from theatre also. Then, if I say ‘I’m an Actor’, question arises ‘what and where I’m doing act?’ Answer – ‘Nowhere!’ If I’m performer, but not performing anywhere, which kind of performer am I ? Theatre, Tv, Movie – I’m nowhere! 
22:50 Monday 23rd January 2017


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