Searching New Way

​Street plays and Yoga with Tai Chi are my lone hope now and I’m not sure if I can sustain through them or not. I’m not confident. They who are confident can easily make people fool. They also have experience and I’m what? I find me not confident to be a trainer. I see many physical trainers in garden. I don’t know they are trained or not but they take fee for helping people in physical exercises. I can’t be a trainer because I’m not good in communication. What I think, I can do is Acting only – but there I’m not getting work. After receiving Tao I’m able to see when and how EVIL comes into mind. I’m not able to control my mind but at least I can see, and I get the opportunity to overcome the EVIL. Mind must be calmer than others. I have to learn how to stay quiet before speaking. So many things I have to learn within myself – and nobody can teach me from outside. It is benefit of Tao. I can’t change outside of world. I can’t change minds of people. But I can have control over my emotions, I can observe my thoughts. Still, I can’t find way to earn money. If matter is related to money then it is sure that I will be defeated, 100%. I’m not a magician. I can’t mesmerize people! 
12:20 pm Monday 23rd January 2017


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