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​Two ladies approached to me and one of them asked me if I can teach other lady’s son. I agreed obviously. I said I don’t know much, I know only four forms and that is what I can teach Tai Chi to her son. Then she asked me about time. I said it depends on availability, I come here at 6:00 – 6:30 am for my practice, This week I’m busy, if her son wants to join, I can teach. I made them clear that I’m not professional teacher and suddenly their reaction, I found, was changed. 
What I now understand is, people thought me professional teacher. I will feel uncomfortable to take fee for teaching Tai Chi. I learned Tai Chi from my Taoist Friends and they didn’t take money from me. I’m thankful to them.
I talked to Chi Chi about those two ladies and told her all conversation between me and them. I’m not greedy about money, I’m greedy about fame, so I asked Chi Chi should I charge money for teaching Tai Chi? I offered her that she can take all money as donation to Fotang from my side.
I’m not sure what will be the reply from her. Maybe she and Melody will decide not to take money from people. When people ask me about fees by Chinese people, I put a logic that all these skills are from nature / God, and their moral does not allow them to take money from teaching this. 
I’m learning Yoga from a friend. He is teaching me and my friends how to be a Yoga teacher. If I get opportunity to teach Tai Chi, professionally, it can be a training itself to be teacher before being Yoga teacher.
I’m not greedy for money. My moral does not allow me to take money for teaching Tai Chi. I should follow my disciplines. All trainers there in garden charge fees for teaching Yoga, Martial Art etc. 
23:14 Tuesday 24th January 2017


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