I will Not Talk to You! 

​Feeling sleepy 


Feeling low.
Feeling sleepy because it’s 23:08 and feeling low because more than one reasons are there – financial crisis, an internal conflict between Yoga & Tai Chi, ..I told them that I’m not professional teacher and they moved away! They didn’t request me to teach Tai Chi to her son. It’s maybe because they believe, if someone is teaching something without fees means it is not important. They want teachers to loot them. And if I say I will teach whatever I know but I’m not professional teacher, then they leave!

It’s strange behaviour of Mumbaian people!
One asked me today if I teach Tai Chi, I said the same words – ‘I’m not professional teacher’ – he asked me how much is my fee, and I said him to talk to Chinese people. And reaction was same – like I’m nothing for them!
If I talk nicely,

If I’m available,

If I’m ready to help, 

If I show no anger,

If I show no attitude,

If I don’t take money,

If I’m humble and polite,

— these people do not respect me! They have no value of me. They want dictator, they are to follow. I’m nice and this is my drawback.

I will not talk to you!

You are to be governed! You deserve not my politeness. You disrespected my humble easy simple behaviour. You have hurt me!

You have to pay for that!
23:28 Wednesday 25th January 2017


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