Sad Causation Theory 

​Causation Theory :-
I’m sad.

There must be one or more reasons.

That must be a result came out because of cause/s.
I’m sad.

It produces one or more results.

That will generate one or more results.

The feeling of sadness itself is both – cause for one or more results and result came through one or more causes.
Sadness is producing what ?

More sadness?



Observation is helpful for what?

It helps to see – ok I have feeling of sadness.


Stay sad?


And? How to be happy?

No need to be happy. Emotions are not same always. I’m sad this time, I don’t know I will be angry; irritated; afraid.. or what.

Then why to observe?

To be aware! To be knowing.

What is use of that?

No use more than this.

Then is it not good to stay ignorant and Happy?

Being aware of ignorance, itself is an achievement.

What is use of this achievement? 

It has no worldly use in physical world.
Why are you sad?

Because I have the feeling.

Feeling makes one happy sad etc.?

If one is occupied by the feeling.

How to stay away from feelings then?

To know them and you will be free!

Do you see the feeling?

Yes I can see.

Are you sad?

Yes I am.

Why so?

Because I am still attached with outer world.
12:55 Wednesday 25th January 2017


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