Scattered Before Broken! 

​Mind is not concentrated.

So many thoughts are there in mind :-


Symbolic Words or metaphor used in daily life language is not good.

What is said and what is understood are different.


You know him? – Yes – See.


So much noice!

I don’t have time to sit and meditate –

Emotion is sad, irritated, not willing to talk to anyone.

If I would have a place where I could be alone, I would sit until mind get balanced.

Yes my greed has been revealed. Proved I’m a bit egoistic. It’s clear that my inner is hallow. I don’t have depth in my personality.

No I’m sad not because you said me my mind is not peaceful. I’m sad because now I know that I’m irritating to you.

Na I can’t give you money. I don’t have money. But I can be a good learner. I can be good friend, good companion – but if I’m irritating then it’s absolutely my fault. I have to look into myself, to my behaviour.


Another thing I understand is, because of my poor conditions I’m not able to live independent life.

I’m just waiting for the moment – to leave. I don’t want people to call me an escapee! I’m not doing hardwork because I’m afraid to be involved here. (It sounds like an excuse!)


I don’t see the way how to get out of this situation. Job – I didn’t do, work – I don’t want to do anything which I do not enjoy! Acting – not getting work even in one-day two-day cameos! Yoga teacher – somewhere ok but not hundred percent. Tai Chi – I’m not trained from any institute! I’m not athlete, I’m not politician, not from any rich royal industrialist family.


I feel the day is gone after 4 o’clock. Same I feel here.


The boat is reluctant to stay at shore, it’s small and sailor is not experienced, not confident. He knows knows the map, he has much knowledge about the ocean but he never sailed his boat from one shore to other. His knowledge and all learning-education is waste! As a sailor he is failure. 

And now people say :- you are not confident, you are this, you are that..

When he wanted to fly, you said ‘no no, you’ll fall an die!’ He wanted to sail his boat to experience new islands and you said – ‘itnot time to discover new world.’

His boat is now becoming old. He doesn’t want to die on same shore.

Let him go!

Give him courage!

Provide all equipments!

Give him enough food, water, shelter, and recognition as a sailor, ..and allow him to go find new island for himself. Let him decide where to stay how long, let him do what he wants to do.

Don’t let a sailor die before he discovers a new world.

All people who are financially strong are not successful. All who think me unsuccessful are people who judge success through financial status.



I’m at my home.
12:34 Wednesday 25th January 2017


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