Not Celebrating Republic Day! 

​So what’s plan for today? It’s republic day you know?
Yes I know. No plan I have.
Aren’t you celebrating republic day?
Who all are celebrating republic day?
People of India.
I’m not sure but it’s national festival today.
Politicians, political leaders, government officials, local groups, organizations, ..they are doing their formalities. I was returning from garden, some local people were to unfold flag there, rest of people were busy doing their exercises.
All people of India do not celebrate republic day.
So you also will not celebrate republic day?
Some people are not allowed to celebrate national festivals. I remember few years ago in 2013, August 15, in Baddi Village of Rohatas District, a mob from the Rajput community led a violent attack on the lower caste people, killing one and injuring 54, including women and children. These upper caste people didn’t allow lower caste people to celebrate independence day. “When they came to attack, they were raising the slogans ‘ Rajput varg zindabad [Hail the Rajput class]’ and ‘ Nishant Singh Amar Rahe [Long Live Nishant Singh]” ..I see we are not a nation so far. We are still stuck with our caste, language, religion stops me to celebrate national festivals. 
It’s old news.
I see people behind their castes! Casteism is their. You are not just you. They want to know your caste and they will judge you through which caste you belong to.
Only Casteism is matter?
Now Uttar Pradesh will have elections soon. BJP, BSP, SP ..all these parties are to contest election on more than 200 seats but their women candidates are less than 30 in each party. So matter is not only Casteism, but Women Empowerment, Equal Education for All Children, also needed in India.
What do you do for that? Have you done anything to eliminate Casteism?
At my personal level I don’t practice Casteism. I respect all women. For equal  education I did nothing so far.
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12:58 pm Thursday 26th January 2017


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