Happy Chinese New Year 2017

It was the last day of Chinese New Year yesterday. It was a small function at fotang. I was in rehearsal so I reached there too late. DCS’ speech was almost finished. People already had their dinner. We wrote our wishes and greetings in cards and stuck on Wishing Tree. DCS gave an envelope to each person there. Inside the envelope there were one note of ten rupees, considered ‘Lucky Money’ and ‘Blessing From God’ is a thought about person. I got thought number 38 whuch is “Do not overwhelmed by your emotions and you will make up for the shortcomings of others.” I don’t understand this actually. I had to check dictionary to know meaning of ‘make-up for’ and ‘shortcoming.’
According to Chinese Astrology, the new year is of Rooster. Everyone will born this year will have Zodiac of Rooster. My Chinese Zodiac is Dog (water dog). Astrology says people born in rooster Zodiac are not good for people born in dog Zodiac. Same way, the new year is not good for dog (Zodiac). According to numerology 2017 will be good for me but I don’t know. I’m not confident. I’m not confirmed about myself to survive independently. 
So it was the first day of New Year also birthday of Laughing Buddha and No Moon Day as well. Fotang was fully decorated by offerings and New Year decoration. They had invited a new person to receive Tao and asked me to explain three treasures to him. So this is how it was my first time I stood behind podium and delivered the speech explaining three treasures. Some points I forgot to mention and one point about rebirth, I skipped deliberately.


People are not fool. They understand everything. It’s possible for a while to keep them not aware about your black shade but by time they know everything.


If anyone asks me what I’m doing nowadays, I have nothing to say in reply. I see my feelings to learn Tai Chi more. I find Yoga too very nice. I wish to teach Tai Chi & Yoga professionally as my optional way of survival. The Fotang will have no objections they said me today but I still say, I’m not greedy of money, I want fame and popularity more. I do not hide my intentions. Melody said, fame is given to some people only, I should just do my work. And yes, she os right. Some people had to face defamation when they tried to earn fame through cheap way.
About ‘Lucky Money’, it’s still in the envelope. I’m not superstitious in that way but I wish to keep it safe in my wallet. I know it helps not to bring money but I want to keep that ’10 rupees note’ safe till next year.
Need to sleep.

(Picture was sent by Hui on messenger)

23:40 Saturday 28th January 2017


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