Hidden Is Revealing! 

First – I requested to ask her if she can teach me Tai Chi 85. She herself asked me on Chinese New Year Eve if I want to learn 85 and I went to Bharat Van public park, opposite Bamandaya Pada bus stop yesterday. There I came to know that all 24, 32, 42 & 48 I know is nothing but just movements and postures. There in Bharat Van I’m learning not just 85 but also nuances of Tai Chi.
Second – I was too tired yesterday before sleep and in night when I was sleeping, I suddenly found my tiredness of gone. It happened in few seconds and I felt that in sleeping, I was aware. I remember, I had a long deep breath. And I was relaxed.
Third – I dreamt that I was gifted with white-coloured wrist watch. I was at wheel chair. I had small problem on thumb in my right leg. I stood up. Wrist watch was so beautiful.
14:03 Monday 30th January 2017


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