Cancellation Itself Is Uncertain! 

​Cancel! Cancel!! Cancel!!!
Today, Yoga class got cancelled.

Shamshad and Azan want to introduce with someone, I don’t know who, but I didn’t go to garden so that meeting also got cancelled.

Satish da called me to rehearse for a street play so I had to cancel Marol Naka Tai Chi class.

I took a long nap at noon so couldn’t go for an audition, Satish da had informed me.

In evening Jayesh bhai informed me our rehearsal also got cancelled because demonstrations’ date has been postponed.

In evening, went to Bhaskar Bhaiya’s place for Basant Panchami pooja. I was late so couldn’t join Bhajans.
So the day was full with uncertainty but I enjoyed it much. Everything was new today. Demonstration of street play is postponed so it was clear in evening that no clash for date now. Also received remaining payment of street plays I did few months back.
People want change in their routine life. Here I have no certainty in my life!
21:46 Wednesday 1st February 2017


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