Nirahua : miracle got the chance! 

​It’s birthday today of famous Bhojpuri Actor and celebrity Nirahua (Dinesh Lal Yadav). According to some websites his birthday is on 1st of February, some other websites say 2nd of February and 22 March is also mentioned in some other websites but year is same 1979 in them all.


I heard about Nirahua almost 4 years ago when two people were discussing about superstar of Bhojpuri Cinema. Before him I knew only Ravi Kishan and Manoj Tiwari but I never watched any Bhojpuri Movie. Once I was changing channels on Tv and stopped on a Bhojpuri channel in which Nirhua Rikshawala was on air. I liked the movie but I didn’t watch it completely that time.
Around one year back I started helping a friend in coordination and segregating datas for his casting projects. His office boy hails from Jharkhand was keen of bhojpuri cinema. In leisure time the office boy used to watch bhojpuri movies on computer and so I started watching bhojpuri movies. There I watched several movies starred by Nirahua like Nirahua Rikshawala, Nirahua Hindustani, Bidesiya, Nirahua Hindustani, Patna Se Pakistan, etc. And found me become his fan. Before watching his movies I also had the same mentality others have about Bhojpuri Cinema and I didn’t like but Nirahua’s movies changed my thinking. I started watching Bhojpuri Cinema especially by Nirahua. Though I have watched some other movies starred by Viraj Bhatt, Khesariya, Pawan Singh as well but Nirahua is bestest of them all. 
Nananana.. I will not say him great actor, great singer, great dancer etc. He is not handsome to be fit for Rich Look by nowadays’ casting directors. He is actually a package of balanced talent of all dancing singing acting and he has got the attraction that makes him star. I have friends working in Bhojpuri Cinema and they praise Nirahua for his good, kind character personality. He, unlike Bollywood Star Sons, looks so simple, desi hero, like most of youngsters in small town and villages. He doesn’t have heavy voice, he is not fair and muscular, he is not tall. He is miracle who’s got the chance. I never wish to get scene with Shahrukh Salma Amir, but with Nirahua. Ok, all people working as actor are having something in them that keeps them working in industry and I do not compare Nirahua with anyone. It’s my wish, someday to be part of his team as an actor and do movies. 
23:00 Thursday 2nd February 2017



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