Katherine Luke : RIP :'(

She was around 50 years old lady I met her on AirG in 2011. Her name was Katherine Luke and she was from Riverside, California USA. I used to chat with her and she would treat me like her son. Soon I found AirG full of fake people so I left that site but we continued in touch on Facebook. Both of her two daughters Teila and Shorty also became my friends but here I used not to chat much with them. Nowadays I keep my Facebook deactivated but sometimes I open to see posts. Yesterday when I logged in my Facebook, I was shocked to see the post on my news feed. My virtual mother Catherine was no more. The post by Lacey Luke (Shorty) said she left this world forever. Here I’m sad not because she is no more, but because I had never even one talk with her when she was alive. I used to call her ‘Mom’ in chat. I’m not emotionless. I didn’t cry even when I lost my mother. I accepted death of my father. Here, a lady who used to call me her son, is no more. I feel a bit sad. I wish, I could have talked to her when she was alive.
Mother, Rest In Peace.

You will always be in my heart..
13:16 Saturday 4th February 2017


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