Confused Vulnerable Weakest Mind!

I’m at Four Bungalow bus stop. I came here by 424 which I took from Adarsh Nagar few minutes ago. I was suppressed to go to Marol Naka but it was too late today to get the bus so when bus conductor asked me for ticket, I had changed my mind. Because I already got on the bus so I took ticket for DN Nagar. He gave me ticket is valid till Edic Nagar (next to DN Nagar).
I was losing interest to go to Marol Naka because it was getting late. I would reach to garden around 9:30 or later. I would have a little time to practice Tai Chi.
After getting the bus I was very confused – should I go to Marol Naka or not – is it beneficial to go there or not – it is already too late – .. so I got off the bus at Four Bungalow bus stop (three stops before Esic Nagar).
I had already msgd to Jasmine that I’m late but when I got the bus, I got on, then I was confused – It was the situation when my mind was in weakest condition. I even thought to buy tickets from Esic Nagar to Marol Naka but mind was in most vulnerable condition so I got off here at Four Bungalow bus stop. I felt, it was necessary to note it down so I’m sitting here and typing this weakest experience of mind.
09:00 am Monday 6th February 2017
Leaving for home..


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