No Place Land

​Process is still the same. It’s not changed in four years. One has to run for auditions, studios to studios and production houses to production houses, in Aram Nagar, Mhada, Lokhandwala, .. Requesting to receptionists for meeting the casting directors. Casting Director generally doesn’t meet or just says ‘Abhi Kuchh Nahi Chal Raha Hai’ (nothing is going on). If casting person starts to know you, he started recognizing you because you visit the office frequently, he says ‘Baar Baar Aane Ki Zaroorat Nahi Hai.. Kuchh Rahega To Batata Hu’ (you no need to come often.. if there would be any requirement, I will let you know) but you never get the call.
Some people get calls directly from casting persons or directors. They don’t make efforts to be known but they easily get recognition and work. They are frequently seen in advertisements, television & movies.
Persons like me are always complaining. Why? Because I don’t have that special look, I’m not so talented (well, talent is secondary and sometimes not required). I cannot accept the truth about this world. Because I have created an ideal world inside my mind and I wish outside world to behave alike. I always forget that outside world is not my creation.
Cursing to background, criticizing others, ..cannot help to get work. I’m still in outer most orbit of this industry and I don’t know the way to get into. I have no other option to be waiting for the time. Also I’m afraid to see senior actors roaming for auditions. They are old, and still struggling in Aram Nagar, Mhada.. They are not established and known though they keep getting work in acting.
I’m not fresher but I’m still not revealed, I’m not exposed. 
Friends suggest to run for auditions.. to follow the process already mentioned above but many people doing continuity are not in this crowd. They just emerge from somewhere and bag lead or parallel lead characters. Channels also support them and production houses have to pay well. They earn good money and fame, if they are luckier then get popularity as well. Yes, they are UpMarket, Fair, Rich Looking.. 
Everyone here need UpMarket, Rich Looking, Fair, Lead Material.. and for character faces? They have much options already. I’m normal, simple. I don’t fit in their criteria for lead nor for negative, nor for comedy. I see no place for me here as an actor.
22:21 Wednesday 8th February 2017


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