Suggestions Contaminate Plannings

* Struggle is always inside the mind. Outside troubles never been stronger than man’s will. I don’t know and I’m not sure about future – maybe circumstances will not be what I’m planning for, but I’m fed up of this financial crisis. Poverty takes everything from man.
* Real freedom is freedom of taking decisions for self. If there is no social harm, one must be free to do what he has decided. Person who is free to think, love and do is a freeman.
* People must not to interrupt one if he is living his life peacefully, if he is willing to pursue for something in his life. But happens what? Unwanted suggestions started coming from people.
* I don’t ask for suggestions. I believe the nature suggests in his symbolic language and everyone is smart enough to get those indications from his surroundings. It’s nature of our mind and it knows well than people. It’s difficult to stay sway from suggestions and opinions.
* If one from closests demoralizes one, one has to be demoralized. You dislike suggestions but thought would have been contaminated your mind.
* Success is to complete the task has been taken. To complete beautifully, with love. I’m successful when I choose my way. I completed works I was determined to do but without telling others. It’s my way to keep secret and let the result comes out.

17:42 Wednesday 8th February 2017


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