They Are Smart! Stupid Is Me! 

No no..

People are smart!
They are not fool to believe in you easily.

You cannot keep them ignorant for a long time.
They know you how much depth you have in your first meeting.

But they don’t tell you how stupid you are.
They either respect your inner-self or don’t want to make you feel sad. So they avoid argument.
Actually, they have been enjoying your stupidity. Your foolishness is their Entertainment.
Maybe they don’t know everything about you but they guess what you are, how honest you are.. who you are!
They understand everything.

They know all.
I cannot make fool to anyone. I don’t know how to take advantage of someone’s stupidity. I have no ability to get benefits from helplessness of someone.
I’m stupid.

I’m not smart.

I’m in my imaginary universe where I feel me comfortable to be.
I find me somehow unfit for this society

But I’m thankful to people, to everyone and everything for tolerating me.
Nothing is left.

People are smart.
22:41 Thursday 9th February 2017


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