Comparatively Better Is Not The Best! 

​Today I went to Dahisar East for an audition my friend suggested me. Some artists were already there outside sitting on chairs and preparing their scripts. Office Boy was also outside, he asked me if I’m there for the audition. He took me inside the door. It was small one room office where audition was being taken place. One Sikh man casting guy, his assistant, cameraman, and two artists also were there preparing their scripts. I was introduced to Sikh man, his assistant gave me a half page script to prepare which was of ‘friend’s dialogue. I came out of the door. I prepared my script and went inside to perform but the artist inside was already there in front of the camera. I was told to be seated and waiting. The artist was nervous and didn’t perform well in the audition. I was ready and my confidence became high to see his performance. As he left the place, I came up there in front of the camera and I did audition after a long time.
They said my performance was good. I got appreciation from people there. Assistant asked me twice with which reference I reached there. When I came out of the door, assistant too came out and appropriated me and confirmed who sent me for the audition.
I didn’t mean to say my performance was best. Na na.. I won’t claim to be a good actor. Actually what happened, I saw the artists performing not good so my confidence level reached up and when he left the place, I was with a bit of attitude. I didn’t mug up all words. I understood the script and improvised it with mood. People there seemed not happy with previous artists’ performance so competitively they liked my performance. I’m the same I was. My performance was same I do generally but the previous artists’ performance was not good so I got appreciation. So what I learned today is – ऑडिशन मे अगर अपने पहले वाला खराब परफाॅर्म करता है तो अपना काॅन्फिडेंस हाई हो जाता है,  परफाॅर्मेंस अच्छा हो जाता है और कंपेरेटिवली अपना ऑडिशन अच्छा माना जाता है ।

(आज के अनुभव से प्राप्त बोधि) 
I remember the Karate Tournament I played second time (1998). My performance was better than first tournament. I had qualified first round maybe second round was too. I kicked on throat to my competitor. In final round my opponent was better than me and round was tie. Judges were to declare result on basis of fight and moves, suddenly my opponent spitted inside the arena and so he was declared disqualified and I was the winner.
Went to Fotang to Cha Fo Dang and we had dinner together. Feeling sleepy. Tomorrow Yoga class timing is 5:30 am. Good Night.
23:39 Friday 10th February 2017


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