Unnatural & Unnecessary, Unimportant 

​>> They say your life will become better.. I also think so. …Arey! Why are you laughing?? I swear I don’t have any personal benefit from your marriage. Ok.. If they find any girl for you.. then.. And you don’t worry.. You are like my elder brother.
>> Oh no no.. Tell them not to think about my marriage. Marriage seems a problem to me.
>> You don’t want to get married?
>> Marriage seems unnatural and unimportant, useless tradition to me.
>> Ok
>> Well, I don’t force on people to agree with me or follow me.. but I prefer Commune System rather than Marriages.
>> Commune means ??
>> Commune is kind of a small camp where everyone, men women children live together according to their age. Children are responsibility of the commune and not of parents. Men women are free to be with anyone they like or having affection. Marriage is not necessary. Children don’t know about their parents so there is no caste, no family pride. Each person has individual identity and recognition. These communes are like Society Camps.
>> How to know more about these Communes? Is there any commune in India?
>> Osho Communes are similar concept. I know some friends in New Delhi lives in commune but they are hard-core Marxists & Bhagat Singh Followers. They don’t believe in Casteism.
>> Ok it’s good but people everywhere now don’t believe in Casteism…
>> ..still they search bride or groom, they try to find in same Caste! They ask the Caste! I bet if they will find bride for me, their options would be —

1. Within Caste

2. So called Ambedkarites

3. Minds contaminated with Hindu Mythology
>> ..
>> You have sent me my computerized birth-chart. Did you see it was Mangali? How could you say my life will be better after marriage? What if my life goes worse then? I’m not to do any lifelong contract with anyone.
>> Contract??
>> Marriage is a contract! In marriage, couple makes a contract to live together, they take oaths, they seek approval from society and legalization by religion. Now couple do not need to perform Religious Rituals and seeking approval from society is also unnecessary. It’s good if based on mutual understanding but for this the couple can be together forever in Live-In relationship. Marriage is absolutely not necessary and parents must not interfere in their children’s decisions.
>> Ok
>> Hope I have made myself clear.
>> They haven’t got the answer.
>> It was not questionnaire!
21:52 Saturday 11th February 2017


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