Crying Hunger 

​I say, ‘I’m hungry!’

They say, ‘..this and this happens and so you feel that is actually feeling of hunger and so I’m feeling now..!’
They are authors. They know how to explain something that make people thinking about it. They know how to describe the matter to stimulate their emotions.. they know how to play with minds and emotions. They are poets, they are writers, news reporters, historians, ..
They are scientists so they are able to describe everything in scientific way. They acn tell you what is hunger and why you feel that. They can tell you that if you are not feeling thirsty still you can die because of dehydration if there is condition that your throat doesn’t feel thirsty.
You are hungry. You are thirsty. You don’t need lectures. You need food and water. Simple!
But mind is different.

It starts thinking and keeps thinking even after the matter is changed, it keeps thinking about changed matter. 
They are authors, they are painters, they are scientists, they are not common men. They have different type of hunger and thirst and pain.
I’m not author, I’m not scientist, I’m not someone who cannot feel real hunger and pain. My hunger is real. When I cry, it’s real.
21:25 Monday 13rd February 2017


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