Exactly What Happens Is 

​Ta – …so you will remain like this? Entire your life??
Wo – Like what??
Ta – Unmarried.
Wo – So what??
Ta – Without getting married??
Wo – Why are you so curious??
Ta – You are man and without woman.. I mean.. How??
Wo – What do you want to ask..??
Ta – Can you live.. Without having sex??
Wo – First, Brahmashcharya must be seen respected. Second, I didn’t say, I won’t do sex!!
Ta – Then??
Wo – Do you think one need to get married for having sex??
Ta – No.. I didn’t mean that.. but.. then how?
Wo – Do you think if one is married, then he or she is devoted to her husband or his wife?
Ta – They must be.. They should.. I think..
Wo – The fact is, Extramarital affairs are in practice! People are married with their husbands or wives but they love someone else. They dream of beautiful woman. Men are married but they stare young teenager girls..
Ta – Ok but that’s not good.
Wo – You believe, Hod has made couples in heaven. Everyone is there for someone. Man is married to his wife but he has emotional relationship with another woman and physical relationships with third woman and wife is just a showpiece at home, to take care of kids. Do you think God did so because..
Ta – It’s their fault. God cannot do wrong. Or maybe god has different planning for the man. Who knows!
Wo – Why do people do marriage? Reason for getting married.
Ta – ..to produce generation, so that they can ..have generations continue and.. so ..also sex is one of a reasons. Sex is need for human being.. for all living beings..
Wo – just for having sex, is it necessary for one to get married? Ok, if one wants children, cannot he or she has children without getting married?
Ta – How is it possible??
Wo – Don’t you know about prostitution?
Ta – You promote prostitution?
Wo – I don’t promote anything. I say what is actually. I say,  prostitution is there in our society. I say, Extramarital affairs are in practice. I say, people have physical relationships without getting married. I don’t promote them. I don’t promote anything.
Ta – What is your stand then??
Wo – About what??
Ta – Marriage, sex and children.
Wo – Marriage is an unnatural, unnecessary and bad tradition that provided partial security to women in ancient time but also has taken freedom from tham and helped to make this Mlae Dominated Society. I support women freedom.
Ta – Are you feminist? Infected by Simon or like that??
Wo – I support equality, in all sense!
20:56 Monday 13rd February 2017


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