Hindware Dreambath App Digital Film 2017- Charlie

​My new ad for “Hindware Dreambath App Digital Film 2017- Charlie” has been released in January and I came to know yesterday. It’s on YouTube, the Hindware has uploaded already many people have watched.
Na! I’m not happy, because –

1. Payment was low

2. Editing was not good

3. Anchor will get benefit not me because again I’m under Charlie Chaplin’s clothes
As an actor it’s ok to be someone – of course we are someone else’s character when doing act but we also need fame, popularity and money too. Through this web ad I got 6 times lesser payment than previous ad of Sharon Plywood. Again no fame, no name. Money is too little. I had no work so I without arguments I accepted.
Who knows it was me?

The director and some crew members, and soe co-actors had shoot the same day.

Who will remember me?

Even the anchor may have forgotten me.
I didn’t share the link on my Facebook, I have already deactivated. I didn’t share the link to friends on Whatsapp because they I’m again hidden.
Link – Hindware Bathroom App Charlie 


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